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Instrument Specialists STA Model i1500
(For Operation: ASTM E 1269-05, ASTM D 3850-94, ASTM D 3418-08, ASTM E 793-06, ASTM E 1356-08; For Calibration: ASTM E 1582-04, ASTM E 967-08, ASTM E 968-02)

A model STA i1500 (Instrument Specialists, Inc.) can be used for measuring specific heat, thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), and specific heat/TGA (Simultaneous Thermal Analysis) from room temperature to 1500°C.

The ISI STA Model i1500 features 0.1 microgram balance resolution over a large temperature range. It has a quick heating and cooling rate, allowing multiple measurements in a short period of time.

Thermophysical Properties Measured

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Diffusivity

Specific Heat

Thermal Expansion

Electrical Resistivity


Thermal Gravimetric Analysis & Simultaneous Thermal Analysis


ASTM Methods

Sample Sizes & Definitions

Test Selector Tool

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