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Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) &
Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA)

Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) is a type of testing performed on samples that determines changes in weight in relation to change in temperature. Such analysis relies on a high degree of precision in three measurements: weight, temperature, and temperature change.

When TGA is combined with specific heat measurements, it is referred to as simultaneous thermal analysis (STA). The results of both techniques can be directly compared, as reaction equilibria are not affected by differing sample atmospheres which can occur with single measurements. In addition, the thermal effects measured in this way are easier to interpret and enthalpy changes can be corrected for weight changes. Moreover, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis is able to eliminate the uncertainties arising with separate TG and DSC measurements, caused by the inhomogeneity and geometry of samples and inaccuracy in the temperature.

At TPRL, Inc., we use the Instrument Specialists STA to perform thermal gravimetric analyses and simultaneous thermal analyses over a temperature range of room temperature to 1500°C

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Thermal Gravimetric Analysis & Simultaneous Thermal Analysis


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