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Our company focus is to provide accurate, fast, and cost effective measurements of many material properties using an ASTM method best suited to the type of material.
Thermophysical Properties Research Laboratory, Inc. (TPRL, Inc.) is a small business that performs materials measurement and research for both government agencies and private companies. TPRL, Inc. also performs joint research work with Purdue University into new measurement methods and techniques. TPRL was created back in 1965 as part of Purdue University to aid in the developement of the TPRC - CINDAS data book series. Since 1972 TPRL, Inc. has prepared over 20 thesis, 200 publications, and over 6,100 technical reports. Research on the thermophysical properties of materials (with special emphasis on solids) is performed from cryogenic temperatures (-170 C) to very high temperatures. This research can be divided into two distinct types of activities:

1. Contract research on determining properties of real materials of special interest to particular organizations which involves stringent deadlines.

2.Fundamental studies of material properties and of measurement techniques which is generally funded by a government agency, consortium of companies or an individual company.

The laboratory is located in the Purdue University Research Park where it occupies 3300 square feet of laboratory space. The laboratory was especially modified for precision measurements. Special grounds for instrumentation, floating slab floors and air conditioning for proper temperature and humidity control are provided. Machine shop and electronic support are included as part of TPRL for instant access in order to facilitate contract work.

Each experiment is controlled through a PC, which also collects, analyze, and display the data from the experiments. Each of these computers is linked to a file server for quick and easy assembling of data for each report. Standardization facilities directly traceable to NIST standards are also an integral part of TPRL.

TPRL provides consulting services on thermophysical properties including theory, current measurement practices, modern materials etc. for scientists and engineers involved in advanced heat transfer applications.

Thermophysical Properties Measured

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