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Additional Measurement Services
In addition to the measurement services listed, we also measure Contact Conductance, Hemispherical Total Emittance, Wieddemann-Franz-Lorenz Ratio (Lorenz Function), Thomson Coefficient Seebeck Coefficient, Peltier Coefficient, Richardson Coefficient, and more.

Machine Shop Services
Currently our machine shop at TPRL is closed for external contracts due to the retirement of our Master machinist Steven Titolo. We wish Steve happiness and enjoyement in his retirement. He was a great person to be around. His expertise , creativity, and services will be extremely missed.

Thermophysical Properties Measured

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Diffusivity

Specific Heat

Thermal Expansion

Electrical Resistivity


Thermal Gravimetric Analysis & Simultaneous Thermal Analysis


ASTM Methods

Sample Sizes & Definitions

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